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  • Beautiful clinic, friendly, knowledgeable staff and they have an on site doctor as well. I felt very comfortable at Onyx and I\'ve seen amazing results.
    Azz Kay
  • I always wanted to try laser hair removal but I was worried about the cost. I opted for Onyx\'s finance option, which made treatment very affordable.
  • Excellent service, friendly staff and very professional. I cannot recommend the team at Onyx enough.
    P Patel
  • I have just completed a course of laser hair removal at Onyx, and I am truly impressed by their clinic.
  • Having done IPL on my underarms for sometime now, with average results. I saw an advert for Onyx and so thought I would give them a go as they have the new Soprano laser, which I have heard a great deal about.
  • I\'m thrilled with my laser treatment on my face, I can now go out without constantly worrying about the hair on my face.
    S Khan
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London Laser Hair Removal

Premium Quality Laser Hair Removal in London

For individuals in London and the Home Counties who are not satisfied with the traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing or threading should consider the merits of using the therapy of laser hair removal in London. This is currently the gold standard in permanent hair removal procedures and requires the use of highly trained professionals to get the job done correctly. Consequently laser therapy has become the treatment of choice amongst women who no longer want unnecessary hair on their body or face. Many clinics exist offering laser hair removal services within London, but not all clinics are the same.

How does laser hair removal work?

The Laser hair removal procedure involves the use of laser light energy to heat up the offending hair follicles to the extent that they are permanently disabled, and therefore unable to grow a hair in the future. In contrast traditional methods of hair removal such as waxing or threading are only temporary solutions as they simply involve uprooting the hair from its follicle, leaving the follicle intact to re-grow another hair in the very near future.

During the laser treatment, the pulse of laser light is directed over the area of interest. The laser energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair (melanin is what give the hair its colour). The energy travels down the hair to the root of the hair, causing the hair follicle to heat up to the point that it is permanently inactivated.

How effective is laser hair removal ?

Laser hair removal is considered to be the gold standard in permanent hair removal methods, and many medical studies exist that show laser hair removal as having the best safety profile together with the best of overall results. Although the results of the treatment do vary from person to person the vast majority of individuals need approximately six treatments on any given area to achieve the desired results.

In clients who have any form of hormonal imbalance (for example Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome), the number of treatments necessary to achieve the desired results can vary. However, during the initial consultation this will be discussed and the possible implications of any medical conditions will always be explored prior to having any treatment.

With laser hair removal the best results are usually achieved in clients who have a greater contrast between their hair colour and their skin colour i.e. dark hair on light skin, however our highly trained laser technicians are achieving outstanding results even on individuals with blond hair. However, it is important to note that laser hair removal is not effective on white hair.

How does laser hair removal compare with IPL ?

The only real alternative to laser hair removal is IPL (which stands for Intense Pulse Light). IPL is an older and less advanced technology that is mainly found in beauty salons. The mechanism of action by which IPL works is similar to laser, however it fires pulses of impure light (light that is made up of various different colours (wavelengths) of light) into the skin as opposed to a pulse of laser which is a pure form of light made from only a single wavelength. The result is that with IPL there is proportionately more absorption of light energy into the skin, and less into the hair, causing the skin to heat up relatively more than the hair. As a result there is a higher chance of burning the skin with IPL (as the skin has heated up), and the treatment is also less effective (as the hair has not heated up as much). In contrast laser energy causes proportionately more energy to be absorbed into the hair and less into the skin resulting in significantly lower chance of burning the skin yet being more effective in achieving permanent hair removal.

Is the treatment safe ?

Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure if carried out by properly qualified professionals in a professional clinic. Unfortunately within London there are many unregulated clinics that offer laser hair removal services. These often tend to exist within the ‘clinic’ owner’s house. These clinics are often unlicensed and unregulated and they often use inferior lasers that are poorly maintained. In addition the staff tend to have inadequate training and experience. Consequently many of the stories of people that have been burnt whilst having laser hair removal treatments often stem from these types of clinics.

Onyx is a registered medical clinic, and is managed by medical professionals. As a result you can be safe in the knowledge that you are in the safest of hands. All of the staff at Onyx undergo extensive training, and even the receptionists are required to have comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of laser hair removal. Our laser technicians are amongst the most experienced users of the Soprano XL Blue laser within the UK, they are also extremely friendly and will ensure that your experience at Onyx surpasses your expectations in every way.

Can the treatment be carried out on all Skin types ?

Onyx can safely carry out laser hair removal on all skin types including afro-Caribbean skin. Onyx uses only the Soprano XL Blue laser which is licensed to treat all skin types safely and effectively, and our laser technicians have extensive experience in treating darker skin types including Asian and Afro-Caribbean.

What laser is used at Onyx?

The laser used at Onyx is the revolutionary Soprano XL Blue laser. This is the most advanced laser currently available for laser hair removal. The Soprano XL Blue has many benefits over all other lasers, the most noticeable and perhaps most welcomed being that the procedure itself is virtually painless. Traditionally laser and IPL hair removal treatments have been known to be quite painful, however with the launch of the Soprano XL this is no longer the case. The Soprano XL Blue can treat all clients painlessly and effectively regardless of skin colour, hair colour, density of hair in the area being treated. Another important benefit of the Soprano XL Blue is the advanced safety features that this laser possesses, making it safe to treat even afro-Caribbean skin which most other lasers cannot.

Onyx was proud to be one of the first clinics to be providing laser hair removal services in London using the Soprano XL Blue laser, and it is certainly helping to maintain Onyx’s reputation as being a cosmetic clinic at the very forefront of technology.

Is the treatment painful?

All laser hair removal treatments at Onyx are carried out using the Soprano XL Blue laser. This is the most advanced laser for hair removal in the world. Its main defining characteristic is that it provides a genuinely painless treatment, even on sensitive areas like the bikini line or the underarms. Most people are amazed at how painless the treatments really are, this is especially the case where people have had treatments at other clinics where inferior machines are used.

It is worth noting that most clinics describe their hair removal treatments as being ‘painless’ and they often liken it to an elastic band snapping against the skin. Well – an elastic band snapping against the skin is definitely not painless, and if this repeated every second for several minutes or even hours then that can really make for an uncomfortable experience.

The Soprano XL Blue gives all clients at Onyx a truly painless experience, and for those who are still not convinced that the procedure is genuinely painless, Onyx offers all clients free patch tests so that they can try the machine for themselves before committing to any treatments.

Where can I find Onyx Laser Hair Removal Clinics?

Currently Onyx primarily caters for people looking to have laser hair removal in London and the Home Counties. Plans are actively progressing to extend Onyx Clinics throughout England so stay tuned to find out more.

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