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  • Beautiful clinic, friendly, knowledgeable staff and they have an on site doctor as well. I felt very comfortable at Onyx and I\'ve seen amazing results.
    Azz Kay
  • I always wanted to try laser hair removal but I was worried about the cost. I opted for Onyx\'s finance option, which made treatment very affordable.
  • Excellent service, friendly staff and very professional. I cannot recommend the team at Onyx enough.
    P Patel
  • I have just completed a course of laser hair removal at Onyx, and I am truly impressed by their clinic.
  • Having done IPL on my underarms for sometime now, with average results. I saw an advert for Onyx and so thought I would give them a go as they have the new Soprano laser, which I have heard a great deal about.
  • I\'m thrilled with my laser treatment on my face, I can now go out without constantly worrying about the hair on my face.
    S Khan
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Chin Hair Removal

Chin Hair Removal Service to Enhance your Facial Beauty

It is very common to find some dark hairs on the faces of women. Though many ignore this problem but sometimes it becomes very embarrassing for them in the public. The laser chin hair removal service has proved to be quite effective to get rid of such unwanted hairs. Unlike the traditional methods of hair removal, the laser therapy offers a painless and long-lasting solution to the users. The services provided by Onyx laser hair removal clinic enjoy a very reputed place in London. People can avail our highly advanced services of Soprano XL Technology that offers a painless and of course permanent solution.

There are many factors responsible for the unwanted chin hair in the female genre. It is experienced mainly because of hormonal changes and heredity factors, leading to the growth of thick hairs on the chin and upper lip area that give an uncomfortable feeling to women. There are some traditional methods of chin hair removal such as waxing, shaving, plucking and epilators. But they offer short time solutions and sometimes become very painful. Most women say that after shaving they experience thicker and darker hairs on the same area next time. On the other hand, laser therapy gives relatively permanent solution without rendering any kind of corporal pain.

The laser therapy services provided by Onyx are undoubtedly reliable for the people from all walks of life. The laser chin hair removal technology has given a minimally invasive and long term solution as compared to other traditional methods. Laser is nothing but a source of light that is capable of burning the hair follicles and destroying them for a long time. So they would not regrow in the near future. There are some essential safety measures to be considered by people while going through the course of laser therapy. Such tips are necessary to ensure a quick, safe and permanent chin hair removal treatment.

Our services of Soprano XL Technology offer a good result by eliminating unwanted chin and upper lip hairs in a very sophisticated way. We have a good number of laser experts who are capable enough to offer you their expertise and ensure your maximum satisfaction any time you come. Apart from facial hair, laser therapy can also be applied for other body parts such as leg, bikini area, under arm, chest, etc. In London, Onyx offers laser treatments to remove hairs from these parts at a very affordable cost.

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